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Home Design & Rendering Services

Our studio has the skill and experience to help you on your next big project. From whole subdivision artistic renderings, including clubhouses and pool areas to student cottages for college students, to townhouse clusters: we can help. Our aerial documentation can bring a new level of preciseness to many projects in addition to our renderings. Now the project can essentially be envisioned in it's entirety before the first shovel hits the ground. For your next big design project, choose JHK Design Studio to help with crafting your program's vision.

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Aerial Documentation

JHK Design studio employs a small fleet of drones to aid in the build/design process. We can document the land from various altitudes to help with the design process. Starting with a bare piece of land, the property can be inspected using drones first before any groundbreaking begins. The construction process can then be monitored and refined using these same machines. With these tools at our clients' disposal, we can further sharpen our clients' vision to see their project exactly the way they want it. We employ FAA Part 107 Certified remote pilots that have experience in this process.

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Student Cottages

Artistic Renderings & Conceptual Design

Student cottages need two things to be successful: Simple design and simple construction. As college attendance numbers grow every year, so does the need for more housing. JHK Design Studio has experience with balancing elegant design with simple construction to help keep each school's visual appearance up to par while allowing for quick construction to fill the ever-growing need for single family detached designs.

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Live, Work, Play Villages

Artistic Renderings & Conceptual Design

Live work play villages are extremely popular for various reasons. Those seeking to escape downtown city life, or young couples with a startup business all choose these villages to live a simpler life. Whether you are building from the ground up, or are combining new construction with existing renovation, we have the skills to help you get your project underway with conceptual sketches and renderings. 

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